Emoticons - Text Symbol Smiley Faces

Emoticons - Text Symbol Smiley Faces

Express yourself with Emoticons! :-)

Emoticons are TEXT SYMBOL expressions that you can use to show your mood or feeling.
Now you can quickly and easily insert emoticons in your messages. You will never have to remember how to type all those funny faces again.Emoticons is an add on for your BlackBerry that presents itself as an extra menu item in most applications. Emoticons will allow you to add text emoticons to most text fields.

For example, choose Emoticons while composing a message and you will be presented with a scrollable list of smileys to choose from. Select the appropriate image, and the emoticon will be inserted into your email as text. There is even a title at the top of the screen for each Emoticon so that you will always know which emoticon you are inserting.

We created over 30 custom Emoticon images so that you could easily identify the emotion you are feeling. For even more fun, each Emoticon graphic is displayed on the selection screen in the shape of a miniature BlackBerry! After selection, the graphic is translated into a text emoticon.

Emoticons comes with enough predefined faces to express your every mood. Whether happy or sad, angry or glad, you can let your email recipient know how you feel.

Use Emoticons and never forget a face again!

Works with Text Messages and Yahoo Instant Messenger!

Note: The built in BlackBerry Messages application only supports text and does not support inserting graphics into messages.

******** READ THIS ***********

Emoticons display as TEXT symbols.

The BlackBerry can NOT yet compose mail with graphics.

Trial lasts for 3 days or 30 Emoticons, whichever comes first.